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Speed-catch-ups on the phone while rushing to work, breakfast still in your bag. Almost spilling
your coffee over your new dress when you’re slipping on a shoe orrunning on your high heels
to the copy machine to meet a deadline while checking emails on your cell phone…

We have been there. While constantly thinking about what needs to be done; you almost forget to
take the time to enjoy the beautiful moments of the present. 

When you’re elegantly slipping on your lingerie in the morning sun. The gentle touch of our French
lace and soft silk on your bare skin. We want to guide you to just that minute of joy by spending
a bit more attention on yourself. Just taking a little ‘Me-Time’.

Because we believe that you can make a difference and create a beautiful future, just by focussing on yourself

About me
“How is it possible that for something so personal and intimate as lingerie you cannot design your
own wardrobe and get it made to your exact size?” That was the question I asked myself when
working for a men’s tailor.

La Maison Nouvelle was born out of this fascination for the art of craftsmanship. I learned a lot
through studying at some of the most renown fashion academies at Antwerp and New York. I knew
my way around the fashion industry. Nevertheless, I was struggling if designing for a fashion brands
was my calling.

On a rainy Sunday morning I decided to take the leap of faith and started an anonymous
Instagram account. When the account got more and more followers worldwide and the first orders
came in I realised my dream could become reality. I gathered the most beautiful laces and silk and created
a system where you could design your own lingerie and have it made to your exact sizes by appointment
in our atelier.

But the more the concept, brand and product developed, I began to realize there is so much more.
What I really enjoyed was listening to your unique stories. The vulnerability and uncertainty we
all experience on a daily basis have become the inspiration to focus on ‘you’ in what we do.
Let me guide you into taking a little ‘me-time’ every day by being more aware and caring about yourself.
I believe you can all shape your future if you just focus on the beautiful you that you are, let’s start today!


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